Tailor-Made IT Service

W5H Group is dedicated to helping enterprises develop and realize their IT initiatives across the organization. Working with our client we ensure that vision is focused on, congruent with, and directly supportive of their enterprises’ competitive strength and direction.

From gaining a common understanding of requirements through architecture creation, technology roadmaps, portfolio & project management, business case development and vendor selection, W5H Group is your partner, facilitating, guiding, and counseling to converge on the IT Strategy that leads you to success.

W5H Group has been transforming businesses by leveraging the right technology, at the right time, by, and in collaboration with, the right people. We facilitate faster, more efficient business processes to improve your company’s bottom line, enhance your competitive advantage, and enable you to engage, understand, manage and serve your customers and clients more effectively.

We offer technology consulting to organizations in Canada and the United States, across industries. We propel clients to the next level by supporting their innovation goals. We are passionate about working with organizations that are leveraging technology to innovate and enable the next stage of growth.