Why W5H Training

W5H Training, a subsidiary of W5H Group is an Information Training (IT) training institute serving the Toronto area. Our strategy and delivery model has resulted in technology -intensive transformations helping our candidates build information wealth and value-prosperity at each stage of there training. We play the role of a mentor to enhance our relationship and to genuinely benefit mutually, believing in “Success builds success”; with our delivery model.

We offer complete training services fulfilling an individuals needs, bringing in talent and pride ourselves of the continuous development we offer to our candidates in helping them formulate new successful careers. The W5H approach of implementation, make sense because we deploy a model that covers you from end-to-end.

We encourage our candidates to

  • Enroll
  • Educate & Train with W5H Training
  • W5H Training Mentorship Program
  • Job Placement with W5H Group and/or other vendors
  • Continuous Development

A Closer Look

Real Case Scenarios

W5H educates with real projects, real timelines, real challenges helping you learn responsibilities as an IT professional from start to completeness of your project. On going support and mentorship is provided to our students. Our motto is learning by doing


Training videos are incorporated into our program to learn from industry professionals about current projects, trends, best practices used today.

Thought Leaders

Our faculty consists of industry thought leaders with 10+ years of experience in coaching and teaching candidates to learn the fundamentals and detailed concepts for each program. They also provide consulting services to the elite fortune 500.

Why W5H Training?

  • Launched in 2005
  • 5+ years training experience coaching
  • Faculty with over 10+ years of teaching experience
  • State of the art facilities
  • Hands on training with real life simulation
  • Resume and Career Counseling

Want to speak to a faculty member?

Tel: 416-840-6336
Email: training@w5hgroup.com