W5H Group is an IT staffing, training and web development firm serving clients in all industries. W5H's strategy and delivery model have resulted in technology-intensive transformations, helping our clients build knowledge, wealth and value-prosperity at each stage of their business. We play the role of a partner, rather than a vendor, only to enhance our relationship and to provide mutual benefit, believing strongly in the delivery of measurable results.

W5H's objective is to support our clients in successfully planning, organizing, and executing strategic initiatives. We are a management-centric organization and focus our efforts on high-value projects with industry-leading clients.

Who, What, Where, When, Why and How is our fundamental pathway to any endeavor where we know we can help.

W5H Philosophy

  • We deliver professional and ethical services that exceed our clients expectations
  • We attract exceptional people and reward talent
  • We maximize revenue leveraging people, process and technology
  • We adopt a client-centric focus in our delivery
  • We strive to raise industry benchmarks through creative thinking and innovative solutions
  • Help drive practical solutions to complex problems

What distinguishes us from other IT staffing firms is that we recognize that the most important resource in any organization is talent. We have a proven equilibrium defining talent and providing services by understanding what is important to both our clients and consultants.

We are best known for our highly-experienced recruiting teams and account managers who take client staff augmentation needs from strategy through to successful implementation. Our goal is to assist our clients in creating and delivering essential advantage and helping them make an overall and lasting difference.

Whether the challenge is to find new avenues of growth, optimize operations, or inspire organizations to act in different ways, we have the confidence that we will make a positive impact on your business. More...

A Closer Look

Our History:

  • 2005: W5H Group Resourcing Services was launched serving the Canadian market.
  • 2006: W5H Training, a subsidiary of W5H Group was launched providing professional IT training services to the Canadian market
  • 2007: W5H Group successfully services 15 fortune 500 customers providing staffing services.
  • 2007: W5H Group expands its service offering portfolio to include Web Development services.
  • 2008: W5H Group expands its Resourcing Service to US, India, and UAE.
  • 2009: W5H Training expands its offering to New York, New Jersey, and Dallas.
  • 2010: W5H Group opens a 2nd location servicing the Toronto East region.

Experienced Team

W5H Group prides itself on providing quality service. This can directly be contributed to our dedicated team made up of individuals who have a minimum of 5+ years of IT experience. This enables our staff to speak the same language as our clients and effectively translate their requirements into deliverables.

We encourage you to EXPERIENCE THE PERFECT FIT by letting W5H Group service your organization.

Want to connect with W5h Group?

Tel: 647-776-2776
Email: info@w5hgroup.com